“SJ52 Mother's Day Concert for Family and Kids" SJ52 母の日に親子で楽しむバイリンガルキッズコンサート ~音楽が世界を繋ぐ~


SJ52 Mother's Day Concert for Family and Kids

he Japanese Mums Meet Singapore (JMMS) formed 3 years ago in commemoration of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic 50th Year (SJ50) after an overwhelming success of the Kids & Family concert which was put together in celebration of SJ50. This year, they are back to celebrate SJ52 with another round of song and dance featuring both Singapore and Japanese music!

SJ52 母の日に親子で楽しむバイリンガルキッズコンサート



昨年、SJ50Singapore Japan Diplomatic 50th Year )を記念して結成されたJMMSJapanese Mums Meet Singapore)は、2016年にシンガポールと日本をママ目線から結ぶSJ50コンサート。続く2017年にも非公式にSJ51を記念する行事としてを両国の文化交流の場となる「Baby, Kids & Family Concert –On-no(音脳)-」の成功から、本年も「SJ52 親子で楽しむバイリンガルキッズコンサート~音楽が世界を繋ぐ~」を開催します。

シンガーRynaのパワフルで美しい歌声、ピアニスト佐渡いずみによるピアノ演奏、Meg率いる、 Meg’s Dance Crewのダンスパフォーマンス、poco kotoによる琴親子演奏、そしてシンガポール・キッズフィルハーモニーによる演奏と盛り沢山です。日本、シンガポール、世界の音楽を親子で楽しんで下さい! 子供達が楽しめる音楽を集めました!


2.Colors of the wind by Singer Ryna with dance by Xenres

3.Meg Dance Crew's Dance Performance

4.Stand up for Singapore


5. Totoro by Singapore Kids kids philharmonic

6. The Sound of Music by Singapore Kids kids philharmonic

7. Solveig's Song by Singapore Kids kids philharmonic

8. Meg Dance Crew's Group Dance Performance

9.Let it go/ FROZEN—by Singer Ryna

10.Part of your worldThe little mermaid/A dream is a wish your heart makesCinderella(メドレー)by Singer Ryna

11.Koto Enso— Koinobori by Yoshiko, Saki and kids Dancers

12.Rasa Sayang

Singer/ Rya(シンガー/リーナ)

A Japanese singer, composer, voice trainer and on-no eurhythmics instructor.

Ryna has shifted her base to Singapore in 2011 July to further her career in Asia and has trained more than 3,000 students.

Since 2016, she has been a also a member of JMMS(Japanese Mums Meet Singapore) to built a bridge between Japanese mum’s community and Singapore mum’s community.

シンガポール在住 シンガーソングライター/ボイストレーナー/音脳リトミック認定講師

Angel's Voice Music School(エンジェルズボイス・ミュージックスクール)オーナー兼ボイストレーナー。 これまでに3,000人以上にボイストレーニングを指導してきた。

2016年よりシンガポールと日本の架け橋になるべく、JMMS(Japanese Mums Meet Singapore)の実行委員の一人として、バイリンガルキッズコンサートを運営する。


Pianist/ Izumi SADO(ピアニスト/ 佐渡いずみ)

Born from Toyama Prefecture, Sado began playing the piano at the tender age of 4. Her musical education started at Kiru Girls High School’s Music Department, taking up piano lessons there. Next, she majored in Piano at Toho Gakuen University Department of Music, Department of Piano. She then spent 3 years pursuing a major in vocals in the Graduate School of the same university. Some of Sado’s teachers include Hiroko Edo, Mr. Nobuo Kawashima, Mr. Miyoko Yamane, Mr. A. Valentini and Masaru Murakami. She also studied opera with Mr. Shuichi Makikawa, Mr. Koshio Oshima, conductor and Morihiro Okabe.

Currently she works extensively in various roles - , as a competition judge, an accompaniment pianist, and also on solo performances. In Singapore, she performed with West Winds Orchestra, composer and pianist Tze etc.


現在はソロ演奏、伴奏ピアニスト、コンペティション審査員など幅広く活躍。シンガポールではWest Windsオーケストラ、作曲家でピアニストのTze氏等と共演。

Dance group / Meg's Dance Crew(ダンスグループ/Meg’s Dance Crew )

MEG learned classical ballet since her childhood, and aims to be an entertainer in dancing and singing.

Her interest in dancing sparked during her high school days and grew to wanting to take the stage in musicals in college. She appeared in NHK animation shows that was broadcasted around the country.

MEG then started a school as a meg dance lesson in 2009. Her greatest pleasure is to have children stand on stage and unite having fun with music.






Kids philharmonic(キッズ・フィルハーモニー)

Kids Philharmonic is the biggest orchestra squad in Singapore, established in 2011. In 2015, they received a medal at the music festival in Vienna, co-starring with the Vienna Boys Choir.

2011年に発足した、シンガポール最大の子供のオーケストラ隊。2015年、ウィーンの音楽祭にてゴールドメダル取得。 ウィーン少年合唱団と共演は大きな話題を呼んだ。


Koto performance / poco koto琴演奏/poco koto

Parent and child poco koto "

Yokko [Mamaworkouts instructor], Saki [7 years old]

Yokko is a Choreographer and a body make-up advisor & daughter Saki is a music and dance lover.

They are interested in Japanese culture and history and advocates “Curiosity Learning”. Both Mother & Child are members of the Koto(Japanese Harp) club Japanese Association

Currently, they practice for the kids concert held on 20 May at the Singapore Japanese Association Ballroom

親子箏 poco koto

yokko[Mamaworkouts インストラクター]saki[7歳]







Born in 1997. Xenres then started his dance journey in 2016 at the age of 19, firstly introduced to contemporary dance where he received training at Danzpeople. Auditioned and entered Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in July 2016. Since then, Xenres was given many opportunities to be part of numerous performances both in-school and collaboration with outside companies. Major performance including a collaboration between NAFA and At-Sunrice Chef Academy in December 2016. Also performed for NAFA’s Diploma in Dance Annual showcase “Crossings” in April 2017, NAFA’s 80th Anniversary SEED Opening Ceremony, and NAFA 80th Anniversary Crossings 2018 Showcase.Also a student of Jeffrey Dance Academy under the Young Artiste Programme, Xenres has taken part in JDA’s first ballet production “Peter Pan” in July 2017.

1997年生まれ。19歳からコンテンポラリーダンスをはじめ、NAFA2016年~2018年への出演、またバレエ「ピーターパン」への出演を2017年に果たしている。 注目の若手シンガポール人ダンサー。

【諸条件】乳幼児は座席を使用しない場合無料 (*同伴のチケット購入者の膝の上に座って頂きます。)他、詳細は上の英語文のご案内からご確認をお願いいたします。





-コンサート当日に食の廃棄に継承を鳴らすThe Food Bank Singaporeへ食の寄付を受け付けております。寄付の詳細はこちらをご確認下さい。 特に赤ちゃんの為の粉ミルクが不足しております。http://www.foodbank.sg/MostNeededFoodItems-FBSG.PDF


-The car park at The Japanese Association is available only for its member.

-Please bring or show your PEATIX ticket at the security gate for security reasons.

-The seats are all-free seated. First come, first serve basis.

-On the event day, we will accept food donation for The Food Bank Singapore. T&C, please read through. http://www.foodbank.sg/MostNeededFoodItems-FBSG.PDF

Terms & Conditions

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· The venue reserves the right to refuse admission.

·The managements will notify 5 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the event has to be cancelled.

-The Alchemist will send next events' info via e-mail.

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